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December 15th, 2010, 12:21 pm

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Reply M-iikado, December 15th, 2010, 1:11 pm

Cover of the story, first page evaaaaaar !

Soooo, since Sybia-chan is buisy, I'll do the description of this thing :D
And now, character description !

Name : Hermes (Top left - silver haired guy)
Age: 24 (human years)
Gender: Male
Race: Messenger God
More: Hermes is Zeus' messenger, and has to take care of Cupid along with his 'missions'. He's also got cool flying shoes :D

Name : Seth (Bottom left - brown haired)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
More: Just an ordinary guy, total loser.

Name : Cupid (Middle - Red head)
Age: 18 (human years)
Gender: Male
Race: Love God
More: He's the Greek God of Love. He normally uses some kinda gun... but that you will find out later ;)

Name: Delphin (Top right - blue fish guy)
Age: 16 (human years)
Gender: Male
Race: Dolphin God
More: He's in the service of Poseidon, and also is Cupid's best friend :)

Name: Aphrodite (Bottom right - pink-ish girl)
Age: 14 to 23 (human years)
Gender: Female
Race: Goddness of Love
More: Aphrodite is the Greek Goddness of Love. She has a huge crush on Cupid, and is pretty much acting like a bitch. She can change form and age (from 14 to about 22)

Long descriptions are long 0.0

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