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Welcome to Cupid's a Moron

As the legends say, people's lives have always been handled with care by the Greek Gods and Goddnesses. Ever since, Cupid has been in charge of the mortals' Love. But can a 18-years-old-looking boy really deal with other's destiny ? And what will happen when he will have to help Seth, a 23-years-old loser, find his true Love ? Huge problems ahead... Beware. Following this comic would force you to face a twisted and apocalyptic mix of BL, butchered Mythology, crappy humor, general weirdness, and unhealthy amounts of cakes. Authors will not be held responsible of any harm caused to you or any thing or person surrounding. Pursue at your own risk. /!\ Please note that, unless otherwise specified in the comic and/or the authors' comments, we got rid of all family ties between the gods. Also, although all characters are called by their Greek name, decided as a personnal choice, to use the Roman name "Cupid" rather than the Greek "Eros". We apologize for the confusion. Irregular updates, maybe twice a week (read right to left <--) Story & Characters @ M-iikado Art @ Sybia


November 30th, 2011, 7:16 am

1st anniversary survey (CLOSED)


This note is pretty late, since the news has been released about a week ago, but here it is anyway:

On december 15th, we'll be celebrating the 1st anniversary of Cupid's a Moron, or at least of the webcomic.

Thus, Sybia and I are holding a little survey, to know which couple you guys like the most so far.

The problem is the following: In a week, there's already been quite a lot of answers (thank you so, so much), but now we're stuck with three couples and cannot get to decide between any of them.

I'd be very grateful if you could choose between one of the following:

- Hermes/Cupid
- Delphin/Cupid
- Hades/Cupid

Anyhow, the rules are still the same, and we still accept any other sugegstion !

Please vote, you have until december 5th !

Thanks again !


September 18th, 2011, 8:23 am

Curiouser and curiouser (random question asking)

Where to start ?

Hi ! I'm M-iikado, one of the authors of this webcomic !

As you could tell, I'm an extremely curious person, and because it's almost been a year since the creation of the webcomic, I've started to wonder about you guys !

Really, I'd like to ask you a few questions ! So if you have even just a minute, it'd be very kind of you to answer !

    > First of all : who are you, guys ? Really, I'm interested ! It can be anything ! From your name, your age, the country you live in, even the name of your cat; just TELL me !

    > Then, I'd be very keen to know who you found out about our webcomic : From another website, random typing, etc !

    > Also, and maybe the main : as said above, it's almost been a year, and I'd really appreciate to have your opinion on the story ! What you think of it so far (plot & style), what you think will happen, anything !

    > And last, but not least; do you think we should create so stuffs AROUND the story, like a Formspring or whatever ?

There there~

Now if you have any question (regarding the story of not), do ask ! I'd be very pleased to answer !

Thanks a lot for the support !


- Sybia's deviantart page (for additionnal illustrations and wonderful art):
- M-iikado's deviantart page (for the written plot, and other useless stuffs):
- French version of the webcomic:

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